PCB Repair: Cruis’n World


No video.


Like Cruis’n USA, Cruis’n World runs on Midway V-Unit hardware:

If you squint a lot, it looks a bit like Wolf-Unit…

It’s worth noting that this is a medium-resolution game. Fortunately the cheapo GBS-8220 converter I use for testing will handle that. Despite my best attempts however, the 8220 was unable to detect a signal from this particular PCB.

V-Unit schematics are publicly available (see the Cruis’n USA manual), so the first thing to check was the CSYNC output:

(Sheet 13/25)

Here we see pin 5 of U82 versus pin 6. Notice the complete failure to buffer the input signal…

This looks awfully familiar…

One new 7407 later and we were back cruis’n. Or not, as I don’t have the means to test the controls…


Replace 7407 at U82.

(There’s no sound because the audio section requires 14VAC.)

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